Large Geodesic Tent – Perfect Solution to Parties

Large Geodesic Tent for Parties

Whenever there’s a planning on parties, celebrations or performances, the large geodesic tent is the best solution. We decorate the large dome with custom patterns and logos to make it better for the music festival.

Covered with white PVC fabric membrane, the geodesic party dome helps create awesome atmosphere for party. With lighting systems, the whole space is pretty for parties. There are also many other accessories including the carpets, dance floors, stages and even fog machines inside the big dome.

No matter how many people you want to include, the 35m dome tent is a great space solution. In addition, no matter where you are and what surface your event place is, we can give the right solution to you. Not only the tent provides open plan floor, but also hanging items like projections and sound equipment are possible. With all these equipment, the dome creates an immersive 360° environment with perfect sound and view effects.

With projectors, the big party dome tent also becomes a projection dome, which is pretty and elegant. With a projection dome, you can plan any possible event as it can always bright your event.

There’s nothing quite like a geodesic dome tent to add charm to parties especially with projectors. If you also want to harness the power of a geodesic dome to set the stage for your party, feel free to contact. As a mature factory, we can provide you free space solution plans within 24 hours.