Alibaba Branding and Promotion Geodome

Geodome for Alibaba Branding Event

Promoting your brand at events, festivals and trade shows can be a challenge, you may need a geodome. Since our geodesic domes vary in different sizes and are in simple structure, they can fit all conditions. With various fixation methods, whatever surface you are going to build it, we can always provide a turnkey solution.

As a top group in China, Alibaba chooses to cooperate with us for its annual promotion. Due to the elegant and pretty appearance, it could increase events’ exposure and visibility. Constructed of galvanized steel pipes with no center supporting poles inside, the dome enables long lifespan and big space. Holding a maximum population of 550 and with lights&decoration, the dome is perfect event space. With custom logos and patterns on the dome, the structure could strongly boost brands. Besides free gifts, free samples, leaflets and brochures, the space is also what your guests remember about your brands.

geodome - geodesic dome tent - clear dome tent - (1)

Clear membrane enables nice views from both the outside and interior space. In combination with the artificial plants inside the tent, it highlights their company and products and tempts viewers to head in the attraction direction. The big dome structure can stand you out from competitors, and therefore, your events can benefit greatly from the geodesic tent. Of course, you can plan product launches, exhibitions, sport events, concerts and performances with the dome.

geodome - geodesic dome tent - clear dome tent - (6)

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