Knowledge You Should Know to Buy Geodesic Dome

It’s Wise to Buy Geodesic Dome

Want to buy geodesic dome tent for events? Congratulations for choosing the space utilizing and economic structure for your events! Geodesic structures feature high structural stability and can serve as temporary or semi-permanent buildings. Though they are stable, high quality materials are used to ensure safety and durability.

Frame Materials
Our dome frames are constructed of galvanized steel tubes to be durable and strong, making our domes high strength. The geodesic dome structural lifespan is over a decade and can manage repeatedly relocating. It can hold heavy snows and handle high winds up to 63 mph and even earthquakes. According to your real situations and requirements, we offer various frame pipe sizes to reinforce your dome.

What’s more, we can also use aluminum alloy profiles making domes so as to make them serve more than 20 years.

Covering Materials

We mainly provide white PVC fabrics (850g/m²) and clear PVC fabrics (650g/m²) as covering materials. Both these two materials could resist rain, UV and flame, and with PVC coating, all of them ae durable and tear resistance. Even if after long service life or repeatedly installation,  our fabrics are still available. In additions, if you want to hold an event in extreme weather areas, we can still help as fabrics manage -30ºC-70ºC.

For design, pure white, completely clear or half clear half white appearances are available. What’s more, we can made custom designs and logos on the dome to make our domes better for events.

If you live in a wet area, glass membrane is better because they resist mildew and damp weather, making the dome reliable in wet environments.

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To extend the lifespan of our geodesic tents, it requires daily maintenance other than the selection of main materials. Fabrics are easy to clean, thus you can give the dome cover a regular clean daily. We also recommend storing the tubing and cover properly in a dry place when the dome is not in use.

If you have any question about anything you want to know concerning our domes and services, feel free to contact. Send us inquiries freely if you have interest in any size.