Geo Dome Glamping – Perfect Eco Living Solution

Elegant Geo Dome Glamping

Geo Dome Glamping has now become more and more popular since people are pursuing eco life. Living in the wild is now a trend of life since people don’t like to live in the concrete city.

Our glamping domes range from 5-10 meters which are enough for 2-4 people living. In simple structure and not big in size, all our eco dome tents can be built fast. 2 people can finish a 6m dia dome within 3 hours, and it would be much faster with experienced workers.

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Many outdoor lovers and family are willing to take geodesic domes as their new temporary homes. Capable of modern accessories and freedom of nature at one time, our eco domes are quite popular. Glamping domes are beautiful, practical and eco-friendly, and they require less building materials but provide more space. Eco dome equals to less weight and less energy consumption. They maximize functionality while contributing something unique to the fulfilled living environment.

If you’d like go geo dome glamping with your family, welcome to contact us and request a quote.