Alibaba Promotion Pretty Portable Dome Tent

Pretty Portable Dome Tent for Alibaba Event

The portable dome tent we designed and built was for Alibaba promotion in Nov, 2017. With a flooring area of 314sqm, the dome tent for event has a maximum capacity of 550. When it’s for promotion events, the capacity could be less, but it is still enough for most events. What’s more, if there’s a larger capacity space in need, we can give turnkey solutions accordingly – building larger domes fast or connect two domes.

The portable dome tent is elegant in appearance so that it attracts many people’s attention. What’s more, the pretty dome has custom patterns and logos, which are great for brand promotion. There’re plenty of accessories, equipment and facilities inside the dome so as to make the promotion better. With all these stuffs, our dome adds great beauty to the event of Alibaba. Accessories in side the dome include flooring, lighting, ventilation and decorating ones, and we can help with all of them.

The full sphere theater is covered with 650g/m² clear PVC fabric, making sure great views from both inside and outside. What’s more, clear fabrics add beauty to the whole structure working together with the pretty lighting system. As an experienced manufacturer, we built the pretty dome within 8 hours. And with mature fixation methods, the dome tent is able to resist 63mph winds and event earthquakes. Constructed of high quality profiles processed by galvanization, the whole structure could serve for over 15 years. What’s more, due to its portable feature and simple structure, event planners can use it repeatedly in different locations.

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  • Project: Alibaba Annual Promotion
  • Location: Hangzhou, China
  • Time: November, 2017
  • Diameter: 20 meters/ 65.6 feet
  • Floor Face: 314m² / 3380sqft
  • Structure: Galvanized steel pipes
  • Cover: Clear PVC fabric

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