Clear Outdoor Dome Tent for Party in Beijing

Clear Pretty Outdoor Dome Tent for Party

The clear outdoor dome tent offers a great outdoor experience with indoor comforts. With pretty and colorful lighting systems, the dome structure provides perfect space for parties. Of course, there’re so many devices and equipment to make parties more interesting and attractive. Stages, linens, audios, projectors, catering stuffs and ventilators are all inside the 314m² space. What’s more, air-cons are necessary to provide a cozy and comfortable party space.

The idea for the transparent dome-like structures satisfies those who want to enjoy outdoor events. Still, it is an ingenious solution to outdoor imbibing for guests. Holding a party in the open air is really something interesting, and of course, all sets of accessories are necessary.

The clear dome structure is constructed of galvanized steel pipes. To make it more ornamental, the frameworks are powder coated in white. Clear PVC polyester fabrics on the dome frames ensure plenty of natural daylight. And in addition, with the help of lighting systems, clear fabrics increase the charm of the party space at night. Each dome can come with heaters, lighting and sound equipment, so guests stay both warm and entertained. If you are in need, just feel free to inquire.

In addition, Two or more domes with short or long tunnels can be connected through round doors. When your location has a limit on space, connecting domes is the most economic and space utilizing solution.

The scope of working temperature for the outdoor dome tent are -30°C to +70°C, making it suitable for all season. If you are interested in this series, welcome to send your inquiry, we are glad to help and will reply within 24h.


  • Project: Outdoor Party
  • Location: Beijing
  • Time: Nov, 2016
  • Diameter: 20 meters/ 65.6 feet
  • Height: 10 meters/ 32.8 feet
  • Floor Space: 314 m2/ 3380 sqft
  • Structure: Galvanized steel pipes
  • Cover: 650 g/m2 Clear PVC fabric

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