35M Dome Marquee for Corona Music Festival

Big 35M Dome Marquee for Corona

As a solid supplier to Corona Music Festival, we built a 35m dia dome marquee for it in Changsha stop. In this project, we are happy to provide a big enough space for Corona’s party.

The membrane of the geodesic event tent is PVC fabric which is weather resistance. The big dome tent is equipped with many accessories and devices for party so that the music festival goes well. It is a compact tent which can be packed on pallets and transported easily, of course, it takes short time to assemble. The client’s logo is on the forehead of the dome, making it a fantastic structure for advertising. After the event, the dome tent is used by our client for other stops in many different cities.

The covered land size of this tent is over 962m² without any interior column like poles or walls. Such a big dome space could accommodate 1,400 people with row seats, which is enough for all events. The spacious and bright hall allows facilities like a stage, floor systems, themed decorations, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Of course, we could help with all these equipment, but it’s better for customers’ to make their own preparations.

We are happy to participate in the creation of this project and we’ve already served the party many times. The project is one of the wide variety possible applications of our geodesic domes,and you can plan any event with such a good space. We are looking forward to delivering our products to the furthest corners of the world. Welcome to contact us for wholesale, and we will help to make your event more attractive and popular.

Dome Marquee Project Details

  • Client: Corona Music Festival
  • Location: Changsha China
  • Time: May 2017
  • Diameter: 35 meters/ 114.8 feet
  • Height: 16 meters/ 52.5 feet
  • Floor Space: 962m²/ 10,355 sqft
  • Structure: Galvanized steel pipe
  • Cover: 850 g/m2 Block-out white PVC fabric
  • Function: Used as space for music party

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