10m Portable Geodesic Dome Tent for Event

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10M Portable Geodesic Dome for A Ceremony

The portable geodesic dome is a structure that has the highest strength. By assembling a large number of triangle units formed of steel profiles, the dome is able to resist earthquakes. of course, we can use aluminum alloy profiles to build the dome, so that it could be event stronger and more light weighted. Not big in size, strong in structure and light weighted in material, the event dome is portable and easy to assemble. What’s more, you can even relocate it repeatedly, and of course, its lifespan will be longer if you use it as a semi-permanent structure.

This dome is 10m in diameter which is capable of 115 people at most, so that it fits many small events. A 79m² space will be perfect for weddings, parties, sales promotions, small fashion shows and celebrations. To plan a successful event, you will need flooring systems, ventilation systems, video projectors and audio systems. You can count them all by yourselves, or you can just inquire for these accessories.

Features of the Portable Geodesic Dome

The portable geodesic dome is a high quality steel one so that it’s ideal as portable or permanent structures. Our dome construction frames are self-supporting with no center poles to obstruct your valuable space. With reliable fixation methods, the dome is capable of 63 mph winds. What’s more, its extremely strong frame can support lighting and sound equipment


In addition, the dome can be installed very easily and with a variety of different door options. And when you want to include more people, we can connect several domes to form larger spaces.

PVC-polyester fabric is lightweight for ease of set up and nice interior space conditions. Coverings of the dome are waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant so as to make sure the interior room is completely cozy and safe. We can also provide an indoor membrane, sound-absorbent fabric and other accessories, welcome to contact and inquire.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you, and if you are in need, feel free to send an inquiry.

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