35M Big Dome Tent Holding 1700 People

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35M Big Dome Tent for Event

A 35 meter dia big dome tent could hold 1,700 people at maximum so that it could support any event. The big dome covers about 962m² so that there’s enough space to hold accessories and systems for events. You can put ventilators, air-conditioners, decoration, lighting and flooring systems, catering and accommodating stuffs inside so as to provide perfect event space to participants. Whenever there’re weddings, parties, celebrations, ceremonies, concerts, exhibitions and conferences, the big dome can always support the best.

Beside those accessories, white PVC fabric membrane of the dome can also contribute to nice interior space. The fabric is water, flame, heat and UV proof so that the big dome is weather resistance. Whenever it’s cold, hot or rainy, the dome can still protect well. What’s more, the dome tent can still support well when wind blows at a speed of 63mph. And of course, we can change the white dome into 1/3 or half clear according to your requests.

Steel pipes are profiles constructing the dome, so that the tent could enable hanging lighting systems. With steel triangles as units, the dome is almost indestructible and indeformable. Protected by PVC fabrics and supported by galvanization, the whole structure could serve for over 15 years.

Though big in size, the 35m diameter dome is portable and mobile due to its simple structure. And of course, if you want to use it as a semi-permanent structure, we can also help to make it available.

We Provide Nice Services

Besides the clear percentage of the dome, we permit custom logos and colors on fabrics. If you need help for installation, we provide installation guide videos and specialists. After installation, we guarantee each customer with 5 years warranty, so that there would be nothing to worry about.

Feel free to request a free quotation and contact us for what you want, we will reply to you asap. As a dedicated manufacturer, we can always support you well.

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