Pretty 25M Clear Geodesic Dome with Lighting

clear geodesic dome - clear dome tent - big event dome - (7)
clear geodesic dome - clear dome tent - big event dome - (10)

Beautiful 20M Clear Geodesic Dome for Bar

More than being a fixed structures, the big clear geodesic dome is mobile and portable though it’s large. With simple structure, you can easily install the structure by yourselves very fast. What’s more, if you’d like our work team to help, we can finish installation within one day.

Profiles building this big dome are galvanized steel pipes so that the structure is so strong and reliable. And the dome could permit so many lighting systems hanging on it since profiles are thick. You can add some decoration like linen and swag hanging inside the dome as it’s really reliable.  What’s more, profiles could withstand repeatedly installation and removal as they are durable after galvanization.

Not only profiles, but also our clear fabrics could be repeatedly used when being coated with PVC. What’s more, these clear fabrics can resist water, UV, flame and heat, so that the dome provides comfortable space. Plus some systems like flooring, ventilation, catering and accommodating, the clear dome tent provides nice event space.

What Can We Do with the Clear Geodesic Dome?

Generally, the clear geodesic dome can serve to more than bars and parties only. The elegant and pretty space could support performance, concerts, weddings, celebrations, opening ceremonies and cinemas, etc. Though portable, the big clear dome can also work as a semi-permanent structure as a workshop or greenhouse if you like.

With rich experience, we can always give turnkey solutions to different places and land forms. What’s more, we can provide domes from 5 meters to 80 meters in dia, you can totally have faith in us.

We’ve already done so many projects in different countries like USA, UAE, Peru and some EU countries. Feel free to inquire or contact us for quotation, our live chat agents, email and phones are all available.

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