35M Party Dome Tent for Corona Music Festival

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Big Party Dome Tent for CORONA

We provided this 35M big party dome tent covering 962m² area to Corona Music Festival in China. And we contributed to the great success of it.

With big space, the big party dome could accommodate 1,700 people at most. Of course, there are so many equipment, devices and catering accessories for party, so the capacity would be less. However, with a capacity of 1,000 with round tables, the big dome tent could serve to almost all events.

We used thick and strong profiles to build the site, so that it enables hanging of heavy lighting systems and decoration. With all these equipment and systems, the Corona Festival was a great success.

With such a big tent, you can plan for events like big celebrations, brand promotions, exhibitions and performances. Not matter how many people you want to include, the big dome can always suport.

The Party Dome Tent Materials

Profiles of the big dome are thick steel pipes so that our dome tents stable and indestructible. And with reliable fixation methods like expansion bolts and steel grills, the dome could resist strong winds and even earthquake. In addition to the stability, our domes are of great durability after galvanization. Generally, such a big tent could manage 15 years of lifespan and repeatedly assembling.

Fabric material of the big dome is also durable so that the whole tent could be durable. What’s more, it could manage bad weathers or even worse situations with PVC coating. With PVC fabric membrane, our domes can resist UV, rain, heat, strong sunlight and fire making the dome comfortable and safe.

What’s more, we can do custom colors and logos on our fabrics to make them better for your event. You can contact us directly for customize services, and we will give you a free quotation.

We Provide Perfect Solutions

As a mature manufacturer, we have far more event dome tents than this big one only. In addition, we have clear dome tents and glass ones which are quite pretty. If you would like any of them, find the one you want and send us the inquiry form below. We will reply to you within 24 hours with quotation and price lists.

With rich experience, we give turnkey solutions to all kinds of situations. If you are planning a event, welcome to contact us for suggestions.

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