35M Clear Geo Dome Tent for Sale

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35M Clear Geo Dome Tent

With rich experience, the clear geo dome tent was built within 2 days by us. Due to its simple structure, it doesn’t require too many workers and too much time for installation. What’s more, the big clear dome tent is portable and mobile so that you can locate it anywhere you want. And if you’d like to plan a event tour, this dome fits you the best.

Inside the big dome tent, any event is possible, and when the membrane is clear, the space is perfect. The clear dome tent is much prettier than normal white ones, and it becomes perfect with lighting in the evening. At night, the dome is perfect supporting festivals, celebrations, performances and brand promotions. And of course, you can plan for other events as long as you want.

The clear dome covers an area of 962m² so that it can accommodate and cater 1,000 people with round tables. No matter how big the event you are planning is, the clear dome can always support you. To deal with all land forms, we have many fixation solutions to concrete, mud, sand and rock surfaces. The dome tent can event deal with earthquakes and strong winds at a speed of 58-63mph.

Structure of the Clear Geo Dome Tent

Steel pipe triangles help to make the dome stable and indestructible, so that it could support heavy hangings. After galvanization of these profiles, such domes could serve for over 15 years. And if you want to relocate them frequently, it is still available.

Fabric on the dome helps to make the dome safe and durable as it’s strong and fireproof. What’s more, fabrics could contribute to comfortable inner space as they breath and resist rain, UV and heat. With ventilating systems and air-conditioners, perfect event space is available.

Want this geo dome tent for event? Feel free to contact us, and we still have many other domes like glass ones for sale. Email to: marketing@geo-domes.com, and we will reply to you asap.

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