1/3 Clear Dome Tent for Lenovo with Custom Logo

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1/3 Clear Dome Tent for Event

The dome tent for Lenovo is a 1/3 clear one with 1/3 clear PVC fabric as covering. Actually, no matter how much percent clear it is, the 8m dome still resists UV, rain and flame. Compared to those pure white ones, the partly clear dome gives better view from both inside and outside. And in addition, such tents look more elegant and pretty so that they could easily bright your event.

Frame of the hemisphere structure is steel so that it’s strong enough to resist wind at a speed of 100km/h. With support from steel pipe triangles, the dome is strong, and since pipes are galvanized, the whole structure could serve for over 15 years. As the dome is not big in size, it’s easy to transport and install so that it could be used for multi purposes. No matter you want to go glamping, hold parties or use it in big events, the 8m dome tent can always suport well. However, the dome can’t support a complete set of lighting system due to its Φ20 × 1.5 mm pipes.

Application of the Lenovo Dome Tent

The stable and strong geo dome could serve in many applications like brand promotions, parties, sports lounge and ceremonies, etc. No matter it’s rock, mud, concrete, sand or grass surface, we can still make installation fast. For small dome tents below 10m dia, you can install really fast by yourselves cause they are simple. And for those large, we will have installation guide videos and specialists for you.

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