Frozen Area Beer Festival Geo Domes for Sale

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Geo Domes for Sale in Cold Areas

As a dedicated event dome supplier, we have provided many geo domes for sale to events all over the world. These domes for a beer festival in northeastern China contributed a lot to the success of the event. Our domes can serve in frozen areas because our fabrics can manage -30ºC-70ºC.

If you are planning a music festival, a big celebration or a big promotion, why not considering our geodesic dome tent? As a leading dome tent manufacturer, we have a wide range of geodesic dome tents for sale. No matter what event your are planning or how many people you want to include, our 5-80m domes can always support you well. In addition, we can deal with any surface conditions with mature solutions, which means you can plan your events anywhere.

Our domes are steel pipe structures, so that they are reliable and portable. And we can use aluminum profiles to make them even stronger and more light weighted.

Advantages of Our Geo Domes for Sale

  • Giving more flexibility. Dome tents can not only be used for beer festival, but also provides more options when necessary. You can plan events like anniversaries, celebrations, weddings, exhibitions and parties with these tents. Since they are multi-functional, they can be really good choices to event holders.
  • Efficient structures with minimalist design. A geometric dome supports itself without needing any internal column or cross wall, creating a large open plan area. Thanks to its spherical structure, there is less surface exposed to outdoor temperature fluctuations, making the dome structure easier and more economic to heat and cool than a rectangle tent.
  • Relocatable and easy to install. Geodesic domes are portable and relocatable due to lightweight profiles and simple structure, so that you can locate them wherever you want. Our domes can be assembled quickly, and it takes just a few manpower and time to erect the dome you need.
  • Customizable. In order to cater to participants and guests for different purposes, we can do custom patterns.
  • Long lifespan and economic. Having a lifespan of over 20 years or even longer, purchasing a geodesic dome tent is an economic choice.

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