360 Dome Projection for Corona Music Festival

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360 Dome Projection in Shanghai

As a solid supplier to Corona Music Festival, we built this 360 dome projection for it in Shanghai. With such a pretty projection dome and colorful lighting systems, Corona in Shanghai is incomparable.

In dome design, the projection dome gives nice sound effect and with nice projectors, the dome provides perfect visual effect. The pretty dome is a perfect structure that composed of a complex group of steel pipe triangles so that it’s strong and reliable. With big, stable and reliable dome structure, the dome suits all kinds of events. Whether you are planning events like concerts&music festival or you want an outdoor theater, the projection dome is the best choice for you.

Features of the 360 Dome Projection

  • Without the need for supports or interior walls, the dome is a self-supporting structure that has a surprisingly interior space. With the big space, any event is possible and available.
  • Its neat and elegant appearance design is what draws people’s attention. It’s easy to use this structure to fit all events and you can print any pattern or logo on the cover.
  • The dome structure is assembled with galvanized steel pipes and the membrane is PVC fabric. The whole structure is featured anti-flame, waterproof, UV blocking and tear resistant. Thus the dome tent is a safe and durable structure. What’s more,  it is able to manage -30°C to 70°C and withstand winds at a speed of 100km/h (62mph). In addition, it supports well hanging lighting and sound equipment.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly on practically any surface is a very important feature. It takes a short time to make this event dome of 20m in diameter to be assembled.
  • It has windows which enable better views and fresh air from outside, and with ventilators, the inner space will be cozy.

Feel free to inquire and contact us for prices and details, we will promptly reply to you. If you have an problem, you can also email us, we will have specialists answering your questions.

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