Big Clear Geodesic Dome Structure for Corona

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Clear Geodesic Dome Structure for Corona

The clear geodesic dome structure provided an incomparable space to Corona Music Festival. With colorful lighting systems, the clear dome becomes much prettier at night. With lighting and decoration, the dome provides nice space for performance and party. Of course, if you’d like to plan other events with this pretty dome.

30m in diameter, the clear dome could hold 1,200 people at maximum. Of course, there must be some equipment like lighting and sounding as well as decoration. As a result, the interior space would be less, but it is still enough for most events. Whenever and wherever you want to hold a wedding, a ceremony or a celebration, the dome can always support.

Features of the Clear Geodesic Dome Structure

  • Structure: the big clear dome is completely a steel structure that is totally galvanized. Sine steel pipes are strong, the geodesic dome can be of great stability and reliability. With reliable fixation methods, our domes can resist earthquakes and 63mph winds, thus making sure it’s safe.
  • Membrane: clear fabrics are used as covering materials so that our domes are weather resistance. Fabric materials of ours are featured UV, water, heat, frost and fire proof, so that interior spaces are cozy and safe.
  • Accessories: domes can be better for catering and accommodating with accessories and necessary systems. You can install ventilation system, plinth foundation, extra window, attractive door and even more by yourselves. And of course, you can ask us for help on all these accessories.

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