40M Dia Large Dome Tent for Event in Egypt

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Large Dome Tent for Event in Egypt

Besides this large dome tent dia 40m, we still have larger domes up to 80m in diameter. Generally, a 40m dome could hold 2,500 people at most, which is enough for all events. However, a single big dome is not enough sometimes as some other small spaces are needed as make-up. Of course, if your event space is limited, we can give solutions like connecting smaller domes to accommodate a large population.  With our help, you can deal with any event no matter how big they are.

Covering an area of 1256m², relocating the big dome is not as easy as moving those small ones. It’s better fixing it as a semi-permanent structure so that the dome can manage longer service life of more than 15 years. And if you insist on relocating, it’s still available but would cost some time.

Materials of the Large Dome Tent

Our domes are mainly steel dome structures which are strong. Steel pipe triangle structures make our dome tents stable and indestructible so that they could resist strong winds and even earthquake. Of course, if you’d like aluminum alloy ones, they can be much stronger so as to have lifespan of more than 20 years.


Our fabrics are all with PVC coatings so as to be UV proof, so that our domes could protect people well. Besides, PVC coatings make fabrics strong so as to enable longer lifespans and wide applicability of our structures.

Fabrics could manage a wide temperature range from -30 to 70ºC, no matter where your event is, we will provide you perfect space.

Dome Tents for Slae

As a mature manufacturer, we have so many projects both home and abroad. And in addition, we are providing domes for different purposes like eco living and glamping. Feel free to contact us and request a free quote.

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