20M Elegant and Pretty Transparent Dome Tent

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transparent dome tent - clear dome tent - big event dome tent - (4)

An Elegant Transparent Dome Tent for Event

Compared to those pure white ones, a transparent dome tent is too much prettier and nicer. Not only the transparent membrane that attracts attention, but also lighting systems make the dome colorful.

With colorful lighting systems, the big clear dome tent suddenly becomes a shinny point when it’s dark. When an elegant dome tent meets decoration and lighting, all that remains is charm. The tent could be perfect for performance, music concerts, tour shows, car exhibitions and anniversaries.

Besides membrane, the dome structure is also perfect with no inter poles or walls. With no barriers inside, the dome provides enough space no matter what you want to use it for. Structure of the dome is formed of steel pipe triangles so that it’s strong enough to install hanging lighting system. And with fixing accessories like steel drills and expansion bolts, the dome could resist 58-63mph wind.

Steel profiles of the dome is carefully protected by galvanization and fabric covering. As a result, the dome can be a semi-permanent structure and can withstand repeatedly relocation.

What We Can Do

With rich installation experience, we can fast install this 20m transparent dome within 1 day. And if you need help to install, we will provide installation guide videos and specialists. If you have no idea of how big your tent should be, just feel free to inquire and contact us. As a dedicated manufacturer, we can give free solutions according to your actual requirements. Welcome to visit our factory if you want to start a long term relationship with us.

We still have many other dome tents for sale, if you want to know more about them, browse our categories. Eco dome, glass dome and projection domes are all available for you to choose from.

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