Glass Dome Details

We Provide Awesome Glass Dome Tents

Our glass dome tents, due to their elegance and pretty appearance, are very popular worldwide. As they range from 5 to 80 meters, you can plan any events and applications with them. Weddings. parties, business promotions and eco living are all what they can support. Feel free to inquire or contact us for quotation and cooperation.

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Glass Domes Structure Details

6m/ 20ft 28.26sqm/ 304.19sq ft Hard Pressed Extruded
Alluminum Alloy T6061/T6
Round Net Base;
Steel Connectors
  • Material:
    Reinforced Glass.
  • Shape:
    Triangle Pieces.
  • Color:
Standard Triangle
Windows On The Top
Ceilling; Openable
Windows On The Sides.
7m/ 22ft 38.48sqm/ 414.20sq ft
8m/ 26ft 50.24sqm/ 540.78sq ft
9m/ 30ft 63.59sqm/ 684.48sq ft
10m/ 32ft 78.50sqm/ 844.97sq ft
15m/ 50ft 176.6sqm/ 1900.91sq ft
20m/ 65ft 314sqm/ 3379.87sq ft
25m/ 82ft 490.6sqm/ 5280.78sq ft
30m/ 100ft 706.5sqm/ 7604.70sq ft

Glass Domes Details


Backyard/ Garden Lounge Room
Hotel/ Resort/ Retreat
Commercial Events/ Branding
Green House&Glamping


We can provide a whole set of accessories including exterior and interior spaces. Glass colors,  openable windows, floors, linen and curtains are all we have. Decoration and ventilation optional.


Besides reliable materials, we have installation guide for you. What’s more, there will be test on quality and installation before packing and delivery. 3 years of warranty included.

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