Relocatable 20M Geodesic Dome Tent for Event

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Features of the 20M Geodesic Dome Tent

The big geodesic dome tent is 20m in diameter covering an area of 314m² holding 500 people at maximum. Generally, such a large dome tent could deal with almost all events freely. When there are requirements on larger space, we can build larger domes or simply connect two or more domes.

Made from galvanized steel pipe profiles, the geodesic tent is strong, stable, reliable and durable. What’s more, with fixing accessories like expansion bolts and steel drills, the dome could resist strong wind.

Though the 20m dome is big, it is quite easy to install and relocate. Whenever and wherever you want hold your event, the 20m dome would be available to give great space.

Steel pipe profiles of this tent are strong, so that hanging systems like lighting and decorating are available. When it’s dark, the big dome will be colorful and pretty to draw more attention and bright your events.

Covering of the dome is partly clear fabric which is coated with PVC so that the tent is safe and secure. Rain, strong sunlight, UV and fierce wind can never be problems to events. Clear part of the fabric permits more sunlight to make the interior space bright. Meanwhile, the clear part can also provide better views from both inside and outside.

What Can the Geodesic Dome Do?

The geodesic tent can serve most events with a single space. It can give enough space no matter what systems you need to install for catering and accommodation. The big dome supports music concerts, celebration parties, business occasions, sport events and exhibitions well. When you need more space, we can give turnkey solutions accordingly like building a larger dome or connect several domes.

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