Partly Clear Eco Living Family Dome Tent

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Family Dome Tent for Eco Living

The 6M family dome tent covers an area of 28m² which is perfect for a family of 3 with luxury furniture and equipment. And if you have more people to accommodate, browse our eco dome tents category to find a larger one. With luxury decoration and equipment, you and your family could enjoy nature without losing the convenience of modern life.

Structure of the eco dome is steel so as not to deform, and thus ensuring safety of people living inside. With fixation solutions on different surfaces, such domes can be suitable for all locations. Since the dome is 6m dia and simple in structure, it is easy to install it by yourselves in 1 or 2 hours. Of course, you can relocate it freely to anywhere you want since it’s light weighted and easy to assemble. In addition, the 6m dome weighs 250kg in totally, so that it’s convenient for users to transport.

Have A Glamping Life!

Want to live a eco and free life? Want to have parties with your friend in your garden? Like to enjoy the freedom of nature? Want to watch stars at night? Want to feel the wind at beaches? This eco dome tent can always support you the best!

Imagine a life sleeping with birds and insects and waking up with sunrise and birds’ singing, you can enjoy all of them with such a dome.

Our eco dome tents are 5m to 10 meters in size, which are portable and mobile for families. Since their sizes are not too big, you can take your family anywhere you want with the dome tent.

Feel free to contact us if you want to live a glamping life, we will reply to you within 24h. And you can also email to: for price lists.

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