6M Portable Small Dome Tent for Sale

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6m Dia Portable Small Dome Tent for Sale

As a dedicated manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, we provide both big and small dome tent for sale. For those large domes dia like 30m or 40m,  big spaces are available for all kinds of events. Whether to hold a festival party or to provide a catering for hundreds of people, our big dome tents can always support you. Of course, the small geo dome can also work in big events as lounge space.

When you’d like to have a back yard party with close friends, the 6m dome is a good choice. What’s more, the small dome can also work as a eco living room in your garden, helping to enjoy your time. Sometimes when you’d like to have a going out, the portable dome can still be there to help. You can easily transport and assemble its pipes and accessories since the structure is simple and light weighted.

Materials of the Small Dome Tent

Actually, more than this small dome, most of our dome structures are assembled with galvanized steel pipes. Besides being strong, those steel pipes can manage long lifespan after galvanization. This small dome uses fabric materials with PVC coating as covering  so that it can resist rain, UV and extreme weathers. Since the membrane is weather resistance, the portable dome tent provides nice space. In addition, it can also manage long service life even after repeatedly installation.

We Provide Perfect Event Spaces

With rich experience in this industry, we have served so many events with great spaces. We provide dome tents dia from 5m to 80m so as to satisfy different requirements. And we also give turnkey solutions to those complicated surfaces like deciding dome sizes and connecting domes with each other. We can always satisfy you no matter what you want.

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