Videos of Our Projects and Installation Guides - Geo Domes


We Provide Perfect Geodesic Dome Spaces

We are able to provide dome spaces for all kinds of applications like weddings, parties, concerts, business occasions and even glamping. With mature tech and rich experience, we can provide reliable and durable geo domes at any sizes ranging from 5 meters to 80 meters. Want to know more about us and our products? Watch our videos blow!

Feel free to inquire and contact us for quotations and details.

30m Dia Big Event Dome for UAE's National Day

The big 30m dia event dome was used for UAE’s national day celebration covered an area of 706m² thus accommodating about 700 guests.

The big dome tent could attract all people’s attention with its large space, and it could deal with almost all kinds of events.

30M Event Dome Tent for TOPAZ in UAE

As a dedicated manufacturer, we have mature experience building such 30m dia dome tents. With no interior pole or wall inside, the geodesic dome is the most space utilizing structure.

Supported by triangles formed galvanized steel pipe, the whole structure is so strong, stable and reliable.

30M Projection Dome Tent in UAE

Big Projection Dome dia 30m gives better event atmosphere with nice projection. Events inside such a dome tent would draw all people’s attention as it’s for more attractive than normal ones.

A 30m dome could hold up to 1,000 people so that just feel free to accommodate your guests with such a dome tent.

Installation of 30M Projection Dome in UAE

As an experienced dome tent manufacturer, we provide mature dome space solutions. For such a 30m dia dome tent, we can manage installation so fast since it’s simple in structure.

With strong profiles forming triangle units, the dome is stable and reliable so that it can support heavy lighting, projection and decoration.

Pretty and Elegant 25M Clear Dome Tent for Bar

Beside being pretty itself, the 25m clear dome tent is even prettier at night when being decorated and installed with lighting systems. Of course, the strong structure formed by strong steel pipes could enable complicated lighting system and decoration.

The 25m event dome permits over 800 people having parties at the same time, feel free to use it.

Beautiful Clear Dome Tent for Baker House Ice Bar

These two clear dome tents are built in the USA in a snowy season for Baker House Ice Bar. With clear fabric which could resist -30 degree centigrade weather as covering, great event spaces are still available when it snows.

We connected two clear domes with each other so as to provide more space to cater more people. And of course, we can add another dome easily for larger spaces.

Double 30m &Double 20m Dome Tent For Events

The largest events used double 30m and double 20m diameter geodesic dome in Merdeka Square, Malaysia. It’s can fit about 2000 peoples.

It can be described as going to a great theater whose presentation wraps around 360 degrees with enchanting picture and videos. Let’s enjoy the party time !